3 Exterior Home Maintenance Projects that Will Improve a Home’s Longevity

There are so many aspects to a home that needs maintenance. Most of the home maintenance time and budget are spent on the interior of the home with painting interior walls, kitchen upgrades, or bathroom remodels. But, there is a so much more than a home needs.

As a Cary home remodeling company, Carolina Home Remodeling & Painting wants to educate Cary homeowners on how to maintain all of their home – both interior and exterior.

3 of the most commonly forgotten exterior home maintenance projects are:

  1. Cleaning and Repair the Deck: Many Cary homeowners will hose off their deck occasionally, but a deck needs much more attention than that. The deck sees quite a bit of sunlight and weathering throughout its life. Thus, it needs power washing and repaired boards on an annual basis.
  2. Recaulk the Cracks: The exterior of a Cary home faces much more of the elements than the interior. Homeowners will begin to see splits around the frame, windows, and more. Recaulking those splits can help improve energy bills. Even porches may need some recaulking and touch ups.
  3. Exterior Painting: There is a specific type of paint that is used for the exterior of a home. It is supposed to be stronger and resists fading. However, all home’s paint will fade over time. Repainting the exterior of a Cary home will make it look great and feel like home!

There are a handful of other cool projects to fix up the exterior and improve the longevity of the home such as laying a stone walkway or replacing wood rot. Maybe your home could use some improvements, but you need an idea of where to start. Then, call our team at Carolina Home Remodeling and Painting now!

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